With just 2 weeks to go Paul and I have finally found a training regime that works for us.


A late 10am start from Tonbridge, followed by a leisurely 20 mile ride in warm sunshine to the Deerstalker in the Ashdown Forest. This is what it should be about, Sunday lunch with our families, and driven home.

This also meant we could tackle The Wall without having to leave anything in the tank for the ride back – It’s just a glorious 2 mile downhill all the way from the summit to the pub. On the climb Hux put so many watts through the pedals that his chain broke!  Fortunately some good Samaritans had the parts and the knowhow to fix it.  Unaware, I was turning myself inside out, and reached the summit in just under 7 minutes!


The motivation might have come from the waiting pint of Harveys – or perhaps because this was the ride that I finally bit the bullet and donned a pair of lycra shorts.  Although tight – a strange sense of freedom, it didn’t feel as if I was wearing anything.  But I dread to think how they looked from the rear – so apologies to all passing motorists – and those diners attempting not to gag on their Sunday lunch at the pub.


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