Health and Efficiency

Immediately rehydrating with a pint following last weekend’s near collapse on A264 has finally got Suz interested in my performance. Rather than glaze over – as I explained my nutritional regime – her eyes really widened.

Quoting Jacques Anquetil, the first cyclist to win the Tour de France five times; “To prepare for a race there is nothing better than a good pheasant, some champagne and a woman…” (He died at the age of 53.)

Apparently even a layman can see that a post ride Belgium beer is far from optimal. Encouraged to review my dietary choices, along with the latest Rouleur I pick up a guide.


I test out various energy bars and gels I cover 50 miles in good time, and although tired, feel much better than last week. I even manage to hit 50mph going down The Wall (although I climb up it at just 7mph).


Health and Efficiency

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