The first ‘social cyling’ session was a week ago. I was lumped with the remedial group that included boys that didn’t know how to change gear or even why you might need to. They knew how to ride a bike but that was their limit. Actually, one of them didn’t look too clever riding a bike and seemed magnetically attracted to parked cars.

The first part of the session involved pushing the bike around the car-park and getting a feel for the front and rear brakes although I couldn’t help thinking that this would be good preparation for the first incline that they encountered too.

The cycle instructor then led us out onto the roads and the subsequent tour was unbelievably stop-start. By the time we’d completed no more that 10 miles in about 2 hours I had enough pent-up frustration and energy to go out on the Penshurst Bidborough loop and smash my previous best time.

Tuesday’s ride was with the elite group, back up Exedown on a 25 mile loop and then today I took a intermediate group up Yorks Hill and then back via Hever Castle. None of them got up Yorks. I did though, and unwittingly set a PB time: Damn these slicks are good!


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