When I wrote my last post following the Surrey Cyclone Sportive; I felt fit, and our trip to Mont Ventoux still seemed like a long way off. But things have changed… The calendar has given me a sense of foreboding. Even though during April I’ve cycled 150 miles in all weathers, choosing routes not for the scenery, but for the gradient and length of the hills, a busy period at work has: (a) seen my infrequent visits to the gym grind to a complete halt and; (b) my eating out increase.

Last week I was very fortunate to back at the Dean Street Townhouse – but all I was thinking was; “Have they cooked that in butter? I’d much rather be on the Watt Bike in the Gym…” Whilst grinding up a hill in the rain I’ve asked myself (and Hux) a couple of times; “Is this still fun?”  Yes, it definitely is!

But disappointingly I’m back up to 80kg, so I take the opportunity of a gorgeous Friday evening to test myself around Bewl Water. The time trial is one aspect of cycling I’ve never really understood – not sociable, just racing against the clock. When getting fit for last year’s London to Brighton I completed the 12 mile lap in 1 hour and 36 seconds – so it was easy to get motivated to break the hour.

I set off at full tilt, the recent dry conditions meant the track was quick and I didn’t encounter too many dog walkers or anglers. Lungs burning and legs aching I turned myself inside out on the steep climb and was totally empty by the time I finished; in a time of… 54.09! Not only smashed it, I recorded the quickest ever lap on Strava!

Bewl KOM

So I feel a bit better that there are now less than five weeks to go, although I need to get back in the gym and back onto the salads…


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