Pushing big money uphill

Before we get into Sunday morning’s ride – it would be remise of me if I didn’t highlight the ecological dangers of 3+ hours in the saddle following a pre-ride meal of Thai cuisine washed down with 4 bottles Beer Chang.

The alarm went off at 06.45 – although with the move to British Summer Time – this was actually 05.45. Forced down the usual big ride breakfast of champions; M&S chicken pasta salad. The first raindrops started to land just as I put the bike on the roof of the car – and didn’t really stop.

Headed over to Tonbridge to pick up Hux and Phil – who were having a robust debate as to whether Phil had shaved his legs or just suffered from naturally bare shins. No agreement was reached, but within the hour we had arrived in Dorking; signed in; and crossed the start line in the drizzle.

Once the legs (shaved or not) were warm we tackled Ranmore Hill, felt pretty good – overtaking more than I was overtaken. There is nothing more inspiring to go a bit quicker than a bloke in full Sky kit ahead of you.

Then after 15 miles of rolling countryside we then arrived at Barhatch Lane (9/10).


The first part seemed pretty easy (too easy) but as you turn the corner the road looks like a cliff! Surprisingly there were quite a few MAMILs pushing their carbon fibre bikes. Embarrassing.

The final climb arrived after 35 miles; White Downs (8/10).


A couple of great alpine hairpins, and more expensive machines being pushed round them…  Admittedly I didn’t have much left in the tank, and was relieved when the summit came into view.

In spite of the weather, a good challenging ride, through some lovely countryside, on quiet roads. That’s 200 miles cycled in March, but still nothing close that what lies ahead at the end of May…

Pushing big money uphill

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