Ceci & Millie’s inability to boil an egg necessitated that I cook breakfast for Suz on Mothers’ day. As a result, my weekend ride was brought forward to Saturday. For the first time in ages I head out with George, and discover a fantastic new route; 35 miles of pretty much car free scenic cycling to the south and west of Tunbridge Wells.


Some nice climbs too, including: Windmill Lane up to Argos Hill; Blackdon Hill; and an alternate climb up into Fordcombe.

Having completed Alpe d’Huez and the Col du Galibier last year, George had some good advice / words of warning. The cyclists he’d met on those two mountains spoke of Ventoux in hushed, reverential tones:

  1. If possible, fit a granny ring
  2. No matter how slow you start off, you’re going way too fast
  3. Don’t attempt to keep up with anyone, just find your own rhythm “world of pain”, and grind it out
  4. Don’t be optimistic, there will not be any respite until the summit.

All very concerning.


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