Strava has managed to connect me with Jonny Whiting in Brisbane!  Can it really be 23 years since we followed Le Tour around Europe in a 2CV?  Sleeping on a mattress deemed too lumpy for the Tonbridge Police Station cells; surviving on baguettes, brie and chateau Hypermarche red served from a plastic barrel.

Rather than encouraging Robert Millar on Mont Saleve we painted our own names on the climb so that everyone viewing from home would be able to spot us.


I love that the nonplussed Gendarmes in the background turned up in a Renault 4!

Fantastic memories and inspirational to catch up, although I don’t I deserve the legendary moniker (yet):


In other online news; I’ve also created my first Strava segment.  Various titles came to mind for the aforementioned, very short, slightly uphill section from The Spa to the Travel Lodge that I struggle with every week, but I settled on “Denouement”.

Finally, amazingly, this blog is being read – thanks. Site stats showed that someone googled “Toys Hill average gradient” we were the 9th link and they clicked!


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