After Saturday’s surprise snow, even though it’s still icy, I head out on a crisp sunny Sunday morning to: (a) make up for last weekend, and; (b) burn off some of the calories I’ve piled on during a week of half term daddy daycare – damn those Pizza Express voucher codes…

So I anxiously take on Yorks Hill (I’m never convinced that I’ll actually make it to the top) and Toys Hill. Neither are quick – I have to contend with an oncoming tractor spewing out even more muck onto the surface of Yorks Hill, and encounter some problems with my gears going up Toys Hill.

On Fordcombe Hill, I slowly pass the back markers of the TW half marathon and I’m in a similar state – running on empty. In total; 40 miles in 3 hours.

Once home I upload this year’s Endomondo data to Strava. Comparing my “best” times to thousands of other riders makes interesting reading:

The Wall: 3676 / 5291 – 69%

York’s Hill: 2087 / 2883 – 72%

Toys Hill: 2497 / 3012 – 82%

Fordcombe Hill: 2114 / 2504 – 84%

Groombridge Hill: 2243 / 2593 – 86%

It’s odd – I don’t feel at all challenged to match the many that are quicker than me – but I’m surprised and reassured by the few that are slower than me!

I wonder what my placing up Mont Ventoux will be? I guess there’s always digital EPO.


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