From Bull to Bear

Friday night; sat with Phil in The Bedford. (Brilliant pint pricing policy <4% £3, between 4% – 5% £3.50 >5% £4.) I spend a lot of £4s and Mont Ventoux in 3 hours seems a very challenging but feasible target.

Fast forward to Saturday morning – I can’t really remember getting home, I’ve got a mystery graze on my elbow and I’m feeling very, very hungover. 3 hours, pah –it doesn’t feel possible in 3 days right now…

Still feel bad on Sunday morning! Can’t face the trek over to Yorks / Toys Hill; so I climb up to the Ashdown forest – the last local climb in the book.


It feels slow but the stats say otherwise. Apparently it should take 21 minutes and it only took me 27. Then speed down The Wall (frightening – but clears the head), to cycle back up it. Time feels more accurate grind up there in 9 minutes… Finish off with the climb out of Groombridge past The Crown, back to TW (6 minutes). A disappointing, slow 28 miles in total. Definitely need to change my Friday night preparation!

From Bull to Bear

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