Combination of Man-Flu – probably picked up from last week’s sub-zero ride; a forecast of further snow; and Suz being away meant that frustratingly I didn’t get out on the bike last weekend. But a relatively encouraging email from Endomondo; 120 miles covered – feels like a good effort, bearing in mind it’s January…


Hop on the scales and even after a long Friday afternoon spent at the Dean Street Townhouse surprisingly I’m down to 81.9kg! A reduction of almost 3kgs in a month.

To make up for not cycling at the weekend, I’m back at the gym with Lieutenant Dan. Still can’t hold a plank for anywhere near a minute. But what I did notice is that my face seems to sweat more than any other part of my body. Maybe it’s a Korean thing; but armpits were bone dry, but I couldn’t open my eyes due to the Dead Sea pouring off my forehead. Lost my dignity there weeks ago, so considering a Mark Knopfler headband…

Desperate for good weather this weekend so that I can get out and train…


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