Feeling it

Following a lovely meal / carb load for HellsBells’ birthday, I’m delighted to be out on the bike again. An icy morning saw Hux and myself first complete the toughest challenge in world cycling – Yorks Hill. My legs felt that they’d had a week off in Milan. Following a careful decent into Four Elms we then took on Toys Hill.


Book says 7/10 – hardest hill yet – should take 8 minutes – only took me 14!

It’s 1.7 miles of constant climbing (12% of the distance of Mont Ventoux) with the same average gradient (7ish %). Headed back to TW via Fordcombe Hill, so about 40 miles in total, but not much left in the tank at the end.

Once home I couldn’t feel my feet until I stood in the warm shower, defrosting them with what felt like lava, resulting in chilblains.

Now this clearly flies in the face of all science and sense – but I wonder if constant climbing might actually be easier than small climbs and decents? Legs just get into a rhythm and grind it out, as opposed to going from rest to effort; it’s jogging vs. shuttle runs…

Feeling it

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