1) I went back to Spin Fusion. No improvement – and all other attendees appeared to be either recent graduates or were wearing triathlon / tough mudder t-shirts. But the bike and shuttle runs were ok – it was the final 20 minutes of being “encouraged” by Gunnery Sergeant Hartman aka Dan from the gym to complete Planks, Russian Twists, Crunches etc that was hellish. I didn’t realize you could be in so much pain without using any equipment. I was dreaming of shouting back at Dan; “Come on – write me 500 words on what a weak Euro means to the oil price. Now convert that in to some PowerPoint slides. Don’t give up. Work that keyboard. Don’t forget to breathe! Move that mouse.” Wouldn’t be so smug then, would you Dan?

2) I’m considering undertaking the ride up the mountain in cycling shorts. Not my current baggy ones – a snug pair. Thinking I need all the aerodynamic help I can get. Apologies in advance to anyone who’s behind me – oh hang on – I’ll be the Lanterne Rouge.


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