Toys Hill? Pfft!

A watery sun had reached its apogee and was making its way down as I left to get some miles in my legs this afternoon. It was business as usual; a slow start seeing how my legs felt after Friday night football, the smell of manure and wood-smoke, shouting ‘boll-ocks!’ under the rail bridge at Leigh, fretting about the gears on my bike (chain came off again just past Penshurst station). But today I cycled past the turning to the right, by the post-box, that leads to Bough Beech and our nemesis, Yorks Hill. I carried on a couple of miles to Four Elms and then took a right. Ide Hill Road feeds into Toys Hill Road. To begin with it was okay – uphill but not viciously steep. The road reached a clearing and a sign indicating Toys Hill up ahead. I realised that Toys Hill Road merely leads you to the foot of Toys Hill. But the remainder was okay, long, gruelling but without the cruel twists and turns of Yorks Hill. The rest of the ride was fine; just churning the crank at a pace that felt comfortable. It’s hit home that this is how it’s going to be. It isn’t a race against Carlos or indeed anyone to get up the Ventoux. It can take 2 hours or it can take 8 hours, I don’t frankly care.


Toys Hill? Pfft!

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