Only died twice, but I was destroyed three times this beautiful January morning – clear blue sky and a watery winter sun that never seemed to get higher than the hedgerows. First, business as usual, up York’s Hill. Then onto Kidds Hill, aka The Wall (total length 1.5 km, ave gradient 9.1%, max 15.4%):


The book says 4.5 minutes – took me 11! Although I did have 36 miles (all of which seemed against the wind) in my legs when I arrived the bottom. Curiously both Ide Hill (6%) and Groombridge Hill (11%) looked (and felt) pretty easy as I descended them. The denouement then came as I struggled back into Tunbridge Wells up the short, steep, painful hill that goes past The Beacon.

Not feeling confident, but 50 miles in total – hopefully has done some good.



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